Tips To Secure Your Fortress

Tips To Secure Your Fortress

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In this age of horrific stories of break-ins and house invasions, protecting one’s own home and family has become increasingly more difficult than in the past. You shouldn’t be swept away by paranoia or be crippled by the statistics of what could go wrong. But being cautious wouldn’t hurt.

Jeepers creepers

Alarm and anti-burglary systems can be extremely expensive. Some alarm companies require a monthly payment apart from the added electricity costs. There are less costly ways to make sure that you keep away unwanted guests. Having a security camera system and remote garage doors help you make sure you’re in control of who enters your home. Being able to check who is at your gate prior to having to answer it allows you to assess potential threats and avoid unwanted visitors. Being able to open and close the gate when you’re pulling into your driveway also eliminates any possibility of it being tampered with.

Double down

Having bolted and secure doors and windows will make a world of a difference. All entrances, windows and fence must be completely and firmly secure. People opt to bar side, attic and basement windows for added protection. Tampered side windows can go unnoticed by homeowners, having it barred reduces the burden of having to check it. Having dead bolts ensures that in case of a picked lock or stolen key the intruder will still not be through the door unless they are let in. It is very difficult to break a bolt from the outside, which gives the home owner the time to contact the authorities and arm themselves.

Lock your door and check it twice

Routinely check your locks when you leave the house. Have a routine in place that the whole family can follow when leaving the house, locking up at night or home alone. Every member of the family should be responsible for taking care of house keys and the garage door opener to avoid it falling into the wrong hands. All spare keys should be accounted for and be kept in a hidden area away from prying eyes. Locking up before bed is as important as locking up an empty house. Check this site a finest garage door opener that will you can be satisfied.

Securing your house by making sure everything is in place taking the precautions to keep out intruders will make you feel safe in your home. The wellbeing of you and your loved ones should be your priority. To live in a space where you feel secure and relaxed will greatly improve your state of mind and quality of life. It’s difficult to not be paralyzed by the horror stories of break-ins and home intruders or let fears govern how you live but security is key.

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