Reinvigorating Your Living Space With Worthy Additions

Reinvigorating Your Living Space With Worthy Additions

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The same old “three bedroom-two wash room-living-dining” house with a small garden has been around forever. People like to go for bigger houses but at the same time they lose on the creativity and beauty of a house which makes it a home. If you are buying a new place or renovating the current house, why not think about the newest additions in the construction front to make yours a unique place?

What do you have and what can you add?

This of course will change according to your likes and dislikes. Some may prefer a gravel pathway instead of a concreted one. Or fancy an indoor fountain? Have a rationale behind new additions when you try out a fresh look. For example, a gravel pathway can signal anyone approaching the house so it can be a security measure too. Instead of a metal enclosure, use glass pool fencing for your swimming pool; reason being the chlorine used for the pools making the metal deteriorate sooner than any other material. If you are thinking of a new patio or a verandah to sit out in the summer, use terra cotta as an alternative of wood flooring which is preferred by many. That can also save you a lot of money.


Not only the exterior but the inside of the house can also change. Take a look around; aren’t you keeping all the junk acquired over a lifetime? Minimalized designs are now in vogue. Try to remove those extra few chairs which are not comfortable anyway. A single sofa would suffice for the living room. If possible, adding a TV room to the house will make everyone more at ease so that when a guest arrives, children won’t have to watch with an unwanted audience. Similarly a library, study room or an office room can be added to be used for any official documentary work etc.

Boundary of the enclosure

Leaving the property defenseless without any fencing Adelaide around it is a strict no-no. People use many materials for the boundary wall; the main objective being the wall protecting your property from intruders. But if you keep overgrown trees which extend branches even outside the fence and you just leave ladders and chairs everywhere in the garden that will seem like you are inviting burglars. Take due care of your flora; trim your trees and bushes, do not leave any apparatus outside, use a burglar alarm system instead of a security camera. Just a wall built of sturdy material won’t always help. People are innovative; they always find ways to beat their own kind and sometimes the nature. Unfortunately this goes for the bad guys too. So when you are renovating your house make sure to add some security features as well. Remember that this is where you and your loved ones are; you wouldn’t want to miss out on taking care of anything that will turn out to become a threat to them.

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