Reasons To Ditch Your Old Television Stand

Reasons To Ditch Your Old Television Stand

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If you never got the chance to make the change, you might probably still have your television on a TV stand even now. Wall-mounted televisions saw their big break a few of years back, and since then, many households made the transition to wall mounts. Unsurprisingly, wall mounts come with a range of advantages over their traditional counterparts, which justify the reason for the switch; some of them are as follows: Go here for more information about aerial installation. 

Saves up space – the most obvious advantage of TV wall mounting is the fact that they save up space. Unlike your regular television stands, wall mounts take up literally no space: you simply fit them on an empty space on your wall, and they are no more different than the paintings you hang up on your walls in terms of the space they take up. This makes them ideal choices for smaller homes – and given the fact that homes often tend to get smaller and smaller over the years, most households can certainly benefit from this.

  • Safer alternative – the TV installation Perth, if not done properly, can result in an unstable television that can easily fall given the smallest of upsets. As long as you properly install the television on the wall mount, the chances of you bumping into the television are quite small. On the other hand, when cleaning or going about your other tasks, there is often a big chance of you bumping into a television on a regular stand – and the chances of it falling are quite high. Plus, the number of injuries that were caused as a result of similar accidents in a year is quite high no matter the country – so you can definitely say that wall mounts are the safer alternative.
    • Aesthetic appeal – you cannot deny the aesthetic appeal of wall mounts. Given the minimalist trend that interior décor is following these days, you can find that more and more homes are minimizing the amount of furniture and objects they add to their houses. Of course, a traditional television stand can still be appealing – especially if made out of glass or expensive wood – but the luxurious appeal that is conveyed by a wall mount can also not be denied.
      • Cost-effective – you might think that wall mounts are expensive given the fact that they came after the traditional stands, but the truth is that they are far cheaper than the latter. The reason is because they simply are made of less – no expensive wood, glass or other materials needed! As such, if you are on a tight budget as well, it might make more sense to buy a wall mount instead.

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