History Of Floral Bouquets

History Of Floral Bouquets

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Blossoming buds are truly splendid but it is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, so if you feel you want to gift someone something that it longer lasting, then flowers are not the best choice. Know the person you are gifting to, if you feel that they will not like a floral arrangement as much as they would like another sort of gift then do not gift them flowers. But bouquets are really one of the best gifts for all occasions.

Bouquets and floral arrangements seem to have always been around but when and where did it originate and how exactly has it become as extravagant as it has in today’s world? Let us take a look back into the rich history of these familiar and fragrant flowerets (we are going to have to skip a few parts however because the actual history is quite long):

Ancient Egypt

The Egyptians were leagues ahead of others in terms of floral arrangements. They used it for everything from decoration to florist Perth. Their bouquets usually had a religious implication and so were present in a lot of their activities.

Olden day Greece

The Greeks used flowers to beautify and adorn different things, so at weddings and any other celebrations florets were always present for decorative reasons. They were mostly used in the form of wreaths and garlands (which they presented to contest winners) unlike the Egyptians who had bouquets.

Early Rome

The early Romans took what the Greeks did and ran with it so-to-speak. They magnified every garland, crown and wreath and made it ten times more elaborate than the Greeks had. Foliage was a big part of these floral arrangements. we all definitely remember the crown of Cesar, it replicated this foliage that was so prevalent at the time.

The period of the Byzantines

Something new was added to all the floral arrangements in this period and that was non-other than fruit! although this is not something that is common today the Byzantines made other changes to the bouquet as well that seemed to catch on, such as: colour coding the florets and creating floral arrangements with colour schemes. So this is probably one of the original places where the first few professional florist most likely began to pop up. Visit https://warwickgroveflorist.com/shop/birthday/ 

Primeval China

China too used flower arrangements in religious ceremonies. The Chinese are known to be the first people to use baskets to hold flowers which they would keep at their temples and places of religious significance.

The Renaissance period

Floral arrangements began to become more lavish during this period, as the bouquets were now far more extravagant and excessive with larger flowers spilling out from a vase. It was also the time that the Christmas wreath was supposed to have been introduced.

Modern day

There were many more stages after the Renaissance that were not mentioned, all of these stages brought floral arrangements to where it is today. Each one carefully crafting the future of floral design.And there you have it, the history of this beautiful yet unassuming little bundle of joy that is the floret bouquet.

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