Signs That Will Tell You That You Are Addicted In Playing Video Games

Addiction is defined in Webster’s Dictionary as “a strong and harmful need to regularly have something (such as a drug) or do something (such as gamble)”. It is something that can destroy a person’s relationship with family and friends, and it also ruins the person’s lifestyle. There are a lot of different kinds of addiction like gambling and smoking, but there are also bizarre ones like the addiction of drinking paint or smelling gas. But, in our modern society, addiction has transformed into a more virtual case when a teenager’s playing habit is getting out of hand. That’s when you realized that the game is not for entertainment and boredom purposes anymore, it’s for addiction. Here are the signs that can determine whether or not you’re already addicted in Minecraft forge.

It becomes your number one priority

-It can already be called an addiction when it disrupts your normal way of living. If you are calling sick, just to play a videogame and not because you’re really sick, then that is already an addiction to videogames. If  what is more important to you is levelling up rather than your presentation for work tomorrow, then that means you are severely hooked with the game.

When you’ve chosen to finish a level instead of attending a special  occasion

-when you’ve decided that finishing the difficult level of a videogame is much more important than your grandmother’s birthday then you have serious gaming problems. Exchanging a once in a lifetime moment for a superficial thrill of levelling up, then it means that you find your playing worthwhile than socializing and sharing that special occasion to your loved ones.

If your social life only includes your Virtual Friends

- you can determine if you’re addicted in playing videogames if you’ve lost all contact with your friends and family and the only people you talk to are the people who are online, then you’ve got some serious gaming issues. If you’ve started neglecting your friends, your relationships in the real world just because of a videogame, then you are addicted.

If you neglected your Physiological Needs

-  Eat, Sleep, Hygiene are the three most important physiological needs of man. The neglected state of either of the three means that your mind finds what you’re doing is more important than the basic instincts of survival. If this is apparent in your life, then, you are addicted in playing video games.

If you start feeling different kinds of pain in your body

- if you’re starting to have blurred vision, nausea, back pains, stomach pains, pain in the muscle joints and carpal tunnels, then it means that your body is screaming from an addiction that can’t be stopped. This means that you’ve stayed in front of the screen for far too long and needed to exercise and stretch your legs. Cardiac arrest can also happen if you sit still for long periods of time.

A History Of Glass Door Knobs

Glass is a combination of silica in the form of sand combined with limestone and soda ash and melted to form materials that is suited for a wide range of uses. Although it is usually viscous, when subject to high temperatures, liquid is produced and allows glass to be poured. This can then be blown or in the case of glass doorknobs, pressed and molded to any designs.

Hundred years before, having multifaceted glass doorknobs were standard issue in new homes. Today, they are usually found in salvage yards and flea markets.

Antique glass doorknobs are treasures from the days of past and are sought like diamonds by collectors and restorers alike.

Furthermore, the ones from the first half of the 20th century were made to last and the glass looks watery compared today’s crystal-clear productions, which are made up mostly of brittle metal alloy and plastic.

During that period, most glass knobs featured six, eight or even 12 facets. It was so flat that you could peer inside to see molded designs inscribed in the bases. Although clear glass knobs were common that time, there were also colored glass knobs, but were less common, in cobalt blues, emerald, amber, violet, white milk and Vaseline glass. There were also a variety of shapes that ranged from ovals with incised star patterns to crystal globes with bubbles inside.


The technology that started the industry was discovered by the year 1826— the process of pressing molten glass into molds. However, this procedure didn’t become known until after the United States got involved in the World War I, which was in 1917.

The brass, bronze and iron doorknobs, which had overly dominated the hardware market since the Victorian Era of 1860, had been a victim of shortage due to the ample need of airplanes and ammunition.

In the year 1920’s, crystal and cut glass doorknobs were widely manufactured and became popular back in the day. Glass Knobs continued its reign through the 40’s. However, by the 50’s, there was a turn of perceptions towards the hardware. Americans began liking cleaner, simpler modernized hardware in metals. It was not long when manufacturers decided to be with the masses and everything was in a utilitarian looking steel orbs.

            However, the architecture and design today has become open to new ideas. It may vary from themed rooms to abstract, as long as it’s nice to look at, it doesn’t matter what style you’re in to.

 Glass doorknobs have come back in its track and many people are ordering it over their local stores or online. These doorknobs will surely make your space classier yet traditional at the same time.

Nevertheless, as time pass, more sophisticated high-tech doorknobs will soon replace these glass doorknobs. Although there might still be a demand for mechanical hardware, electrical hardware could be produced faster with the modern technology nowadays. Sooner or later, these glass doorknobs will be in antique stores or in restorations and people would think of it as a predecessor to the current ones they have.

The Basic Facts Of Ultrasound Technology

Falling in love for the first time is a feeling that you can’t really explain. Seeing your one true love for the first time will for sure be a memory you’d want to keep. This too will be the same feeling you’ll get seeing your child for the very first time without them coming out of to this world. With the aid of modern technology, parents now have the privilege of seeing how their kids will look like. They can start saving up images and recorded videos for keeps.

Technology really made a giant leap from the origins of a light bulb to the vastness of medicine. Ultrasound Technology is helping doctors and patients; making it an easy job to not only prolong one’s life, but hopefully being able to shorten the list of fatalities due to sickness.

Aside from the basic black and white readings of an X-Ray, the benefits of an ultrasound gives the attending physicians a more featured and distinct picture of the inner parts of the human body. Yes, ultrasound not only benefits a pregnant woman in finding out what her child will look like, but a number of patients too will have an advantage in undergoing an ultrasound testing.

A series of sound waves will be able to determine if there are any abnormalities inside your body. The results, shall be forward to the attending physician and from there, they can read and determine what course of action they should take.

So there you go, you can have the images of baby captured before they’re born, may it be in a photograph or a video. Fill your hearts with incomparable happiness seeing your baby’s first smile. Have your ailments assessed and cured efficiently and accurately. Truly technology is a way to a more convenient way of living life to the fullest.

Starting A Home Base Business

In setting up yourself for the future, you would always need to understand who and what you’re working for. Yes, climbing up the corporate ladder is a good way to go. But that would mean a lot of overtime in the office. Many, many years of work experience and I don’t want to say this, but sometimes sucking up to our bosses.

Working our way for success has got a lot of disadvantages. One is that of course, you only have very limited time when it comes to spending quality family time. Another is that, you will have the tendency of over- working yourself which in effect will help lower down your body resistance. If you have set a weekend for you and your family, there will always be a big chance of it getting cancelled due to your boss calling you in the last minute where you have no choice but to just cancel them plane and hotel reservations.

I love the idea of being able to grasp my own time. Not working late hours and just spend more time with family and friends. I enjoy the fact that I can go to the beach or the lake every now and then.

Starting out your own home based business is a slow a process. At first, you won’t fully see the results of your hard work, but for sure somewhere down the line, just give it a couple of years, you will reap the harvest of what you have planted.

Starting a home base business

Starting out a business of your own takes away the idea of financial and time instability. You get to go on that much awaited vacation with your family. You now will have the time to spend a cup of coffee with your friends. Even going to church will now be an availability you haven’t had fully enjoyed as when you were an employee.