Origami Portfolios

All masters of origami agree that the best thing to do is to create a portfolio of your work. It would be impossible to bring all of your best examples with you once it’s time to share your creations with everyone. In fact, the folks that you will find at www.origamiuniversity.com, might also suggest creating a portfolio of your work. However, there is little doubt that it takes a good amount of time to come up with enough examples of your work to fill an entire portfolio album. The best thing to do is to steadily add to the portfolio over time, as you may need it in the future.

Make sure that you take quality images of your origami work. This means that the images should project the full 3D aspects of the work that you create. Take photos from the top and sides of your creations. If you make intricate pieces with many parts, then you should use a camera which allows you to zoom in closely on the work. What this does, is it allows others to truly appreciate your work, even if it is only from an image. Make sure to use shadows to your advantage as well. This allows you to capture every single angle perfectly.

If you ever wish to sell your instructional services or actual origami examples, then a portfolio album is absolutely necessary. Use protective pages to keep dirt and oil off of the pictures. These protective pages are important because they allow you to keep the pictures looking pristine at all times. Make sure that you wipe down the outside of the protective pages within the portfolio as well. People leave behind oil and dirt each time they turn the page.

A portfolio also allows you to share ideas with others. You can take the entire book with you to a party or to a friend’s house, if you so desire. Consider the hassle of taking individual pieces of art to a party. There is a huge chance that people will damage or ruin the origami if it gets passed around the party. Portfolios can be passed around to everyone, and you do not have to worry about what happens to the actual origami examples in the process.

Whether you intent to sell your origami, or you simply wish to show it off to your friends and family, a portfolio book is your best option. Pick one which can hold page upon page of images. Make sure that the protective coverings are clear enough to see through easily. Also, never forget to wipe down all of the pages after it has been touched, in order to preserve the integrity of the pictures inside. Making an origami portfolio is a fun activity that everyone will enjoy.

Designing A Successful Catalogue

Every company and business must have their own catalogues that showcase their services and products in a creative and encouraging way. Catalogues are in some way a great factor in having a successful business and transactions. Therefore, one must produce a winning catalogue that would surely be picked by many prospects and clients. Here are some important tips and advices to consider in making and designing the best catalogue.

1. Think of customer’s benefits and desires.

Writing a winning catalogue or designing the best brochure is also making something that appeal to the current lifestyles and desires of the readers and prospect. Best catalogues are not just a piece of beautiful paper with designs; it is a paper full of vision that customers and clients are interested in. A catalog that sells is a catalog that gives importance and highlight not only to the company but to the clients and prospects as well.

With the aim of connecting to the customers, a catalog must have well selected images and pictures printed that conveys the expression of benefit and advantages. It is important to locate the best catalogue printing company in the area to have the best resolutions out of these images. Once again, remember that one should design the catalog for the audience and not the other way around.

2. The product is the star of the show.

It has been a fact that best way to impress the audience regarding your service or product is by printing the images of the product or the services in a large way. Best brochures always make it to the point that the product is eye-catching and it occupies more space than the other information. Prospects want to see the products or services in a crystal clear way, thus it is important that the image is compelling and large and that every detail is observable. Thus, first rule is to approach the best catalogue printing company in your area and see their printed samples. Most successful companies print images of their products individually and not as a group. Better sales are seen if the product stands out amongst the rest in the catalogue copies. Relate these images to amiable lifestyle and surely these will make the readers stay connected with the company.

3. Use compelling and appealing product photos

Avoid blurry images or images that lack brightness. It is necessary that the images are shot or taken in their best angle. Meaning, the images must display its most necessary and vital parts or elements for the prospects and clients to be seen with ease. In other words, use images that speak a thousand words without being too overbearing. Adjusting the contrast and brightness to enhance the charm of the product or services is very much recommended.

Creating and designing the best catalogue is like baking a cake, you need the right ingredients and designs in order to come up with a mouth-watering output. Moreover, never forget to add contact details, in case the readers want to reach you.

Tips In Taking The Best GoPro Videos

Taking mind-blowing videos of your vacation, extreme sports, or of just ordinary subjects is a skill that is learned through time. Some people might be naturally-gifted with shooting at the best angles, but more often than not, you have to invest in both time and effort for you to have excellent outputs. If you own a GoPro or planning to have a new one, this article is something that you might find helpful as it will provide you with a brief introduction on some of the most basic tips and tricks that will make your videos look better.
One of the first things that you should learn is manipulation. It is essential to know the different settings of your camera and see how it works. Do not be afraid to be experimental as it can be a case of trial and error. The size and speed of the frames of your video can be modified. If you want to make videos in slow motion, set it at 1080p and 60 frames per second. The good thing is that it will not compensate the overall resolution of the video. When it is time to have the video edited, you can easily integrate any background music.
It will also be good to take advantage of various accessories that will make the videos better. One issue that is commonly addressed would be with regards to stability. Your videos will look bad if stability is lacking. To solve such a problem, you might want to use handlebars and poles. If you do not want to spend, go online and look for DIY steadicam solution. This will prevent taking videos that appear too shaky.

Less is often better. This is another thing that you should keep in mind. Uploading a video that is ten minutes long may discourage people from viewing it. If you can shoot with a more compact duration, such as 90 seconds, it will be better. It is challenging to have all the actions squeezed into such minimal timeframe, but this can prove to be effective in getting more views. Remember, because the attention span of people is minimal, take advantage of what you can do best within such duration.
You should also consider a variety of editing options, such as the GoPro software. The latter is beneficial in terms of adding more effects to the videos. The accompanying software is very easy to use, even for beginners, yet it offers a wealth of options in tweaking your recording and having it personalized based on your preferences.
At the end of the day, it all boils down into practice. As cliché as it may seem, there is truth to the saying that practice makes perfect. While you may not learn the tricks overnight, with a little patience and a lot of practice, it will not take long before you will be able to finally master the art of taking exceptional videos with the use of your GoPro.

Scottish Fold And Munchkin Cats, The Perfect Companions For You, Me, And The Rest Of The World!

With different breeds of cat to choose from like the Bengal, Burmese, American Shorthair, Don Sphynx, Cyprus cat, Khao Manee, Korat, Siamese, and Persian among some, it can be a very difficult choice to make.

There are many factors that affect the decision-making of people to take home a particular feline companion. Some choose depending on the cuteness level of the kitten or cat while others choose the quiet ones as they prefer a quiet environment. On the other hand, most choose a very affectionate and playful kitten or cat to be a wonderful addition to the family and play with the kids.

Whichever are the factors you consider, don’t forget to be experimental. Try for once to take care of a particular breed that doesn’t fit your lifestyle. If you prefer a quiet environment, why not opt for a Siamese or Japanese Bobtail? They sure do love to make noises but you’ll probably love it in the end.

And speaking of experiments, there is an experimental breed that’s widely gaining popularity among cat fanciers. It’s the combination of the Scottish Fold and Munchkin called the Scottish Kilts or Munchkin Fold. If you’re inquiring about buying Munchkin Scottish Fold kittens for sale, they may be a bit price-y but definitely worth-it once they work their charms on you.

The Adorable Combination of the Scottish Fold and Munchkin Cats

Scottish Fold Cats

Around the world, few cat fanciers do not like to take care of a Scottish Fold and a Munchkin cat. It’s probably due to the osteochondrodysplasia and achondroplasia they’re suffering from, respectively.

The adorable and innocent-looking Scottish Fold has osteochondrodysplasia causing the cat’s ear to fold forward and downward the front of its head therefore having the folded ear or owl-like appearance. Though some Scottish Fold grows up with normal-looking ears, the gene mutation causes most to have folded ears.

At birth, the Scottish Fold will have normal ears. But after a month, some acquire osteochondrodysplasia and have single, double, or triple folded ears.

Munchkin Cats

The Munchkin Scottish Fold kittens for sale wouldn’t be available without the genes of a Munchkin cat. If the Scottish Fold is known for its folded ears then the Munchkin is popularly known for its short legs. The short legs and enlarged head are because of achondroplasia, a sporadic mutation that causes this particular breed to have this short-legged trait.

But even with such trait, it didn’t stop Munchkin cats to be agile and move freely in an environment. Even with short legs, this cat is still able to play with its human owners, run and jump in the grass field, and walk and play with the kids.

The Scottish Kilts or Munchkin Fold

The name is given to the mixed offspring of a Munchkin and Scottish Fold. The combination of these two is accepted as an experimental breed and people can play with a cat having both short legs and folded ears once they check the market for Munchkin Scottish Fold kittens for sale. Despite what many people think about combining these two, they’ll survive if you do proper care and know the basics of taking care of cats.

In no time, you’ll be the proud owner of an adorable, sweet, and cuddly pet cat.

Jacvapour V1P: One Of The Best E-cigarette Kits In The UK Today

If you are new to the e-cigarette scene, or maybe you are an experienced e-cigarette user and you are looking to upgrade your current e-cig, then you are definitely in a tough position at the moment. Considering the sheer number of e-cigs available, it could get quite overwhelming when choosing which e-cigarette to purchase. This is because there are just so many kits nowadays that offer a lot of features and great quality for the money. There are some kits however, that despite the extremely competitive and tough market, still manage to stand out from the myriad of e-cigarette kits that one can purchase today. One of those kits is the Jacvapour V1P and you will most likely consider it as one of the best e cigarette uk available today.

When it comes to packaging, you can describe Jacvapour’s product as simple and clean. All you get is a white box with different color stripes as decorations. This minimalist design might not be the most eye-catching, but it does exude a certain sense of sleekness as well as mystery to the kit, as if it is teasing you to check the insides out.

As soon as you open the box, you will be greeted by the monolithic portable charging case that looks extremely sexy. There are no gaudy graphics on it or anything that may detract from the case’s sleekness. It’s just the case with a metallic finish and the Jacvapour logo as the only decoration on the face part of the case. Being a portable charging case, you will be able to charge your e-cig’s batteries while on the go, allowing you to enjoy using your e-cig even if you use it for extended periods without plugging it to the wall.

Then you get to the e-cigarette itself. It features a very simple design that the rest of the kit exudes so far. But this does not mean simple as in boring or ugly. It has a minimalist yet industrial look to it that makes it feel like a premium product that a classy person will not hesitate to use. Its simplicity makes it very easy to use even in public without looking like a joke. When ordering the kit, you can have a choice as to which batteries will be included. There is also an option to add another battery to the kit if you wish for more versatility.

Upon ordering the Jackvapour V1P, you can also choose 3 from different e-liquid flavors including menthol, cappuccino, vanilla, mint and cherry flavors. Aside from being to choose flavors, you will also be able to choose the nicotine content of the e-liquid that you will be choosing allowing you to customize the types of e-liquids that you want depending on how strong of an experience you like your vaping time to be.

With the high quality, sleek looking portable charging case, a well-designed e-cigarette with great battery life as well as numerous options for your e-liquid combinations, there is no doubt that the Jacvapour V1P is one of the best e-cigarette kits available in the UK today.

A History Of Glass Door Knobs

Glass is a combination of silica in the form of sand combined with limestone and soda ash and melted to form materials that is suited for a wide range of uses. Although it is usually viscous, when subject to high temperatures, liquid is produced and allows glass to be poured. This can then be blown or in the case of glass doorknobs, pressed and molded to any designs.

Hundred years before, having multifaceted glass doorknobs were standard issue in new homes. Today, they are usually found in salvage yards and flea markets.

Antique glass doorknobs are treasures from the days of past and are sought like diamonds by collectors and restorers alike.

Furthermore, the ones from the first half of the 20th century were made to last and the glass looks watery compared today’s crystal-clear productions, which are made up mostly of brittle metal alloy and plastic.

During that period, most glass knobs featured six, eight or even 12 facets. It was so flat that you could peer inside to see molded designs inscribed in the bases. Although clear glass knobs were common that time, there were also colored glass knobs, but were less common, in cobalt blues, emerald, amber, violet, white milk and Vaseline glass. There were also a variety of shapes that ranged from ovals with incised star patterns to crystal globes with bubbles inside.


The technology that started the industry was discovered by the year 1826— the process of pressing molten glass into molds. However, this procedure didn’t become known until after the United States got involved in the World War I, which was in 1917.

The brass, bronze and iron doorknobs, which had overly dominated the hardware market since the Victorian Era of 1860, had been a victim of shortage due to the ample need of airplanes and ammunition.

In the year 1920’s, crystal and cut glass doorknobs were widely manufactured and became popular back in the day. Glass Knobs continued its reign through the 40’s. However, by the 50’s, there was a turn of perceptions towards the hardware. Americans began liking cleaner, simpler modernized hardware in metals. It was not long when manufacturers decided to be with the masses and everything was in a utilitarian looking steel orbs.

            However, the architecture and design today has become open to new ideas. It may vary from themed rooms to abstract, as long as it’s nice to look at, it doesn’t matter what style you’re in to.

 Glass doorknobs have come back in its track and many people are ordering it over their local stores or online. These doorknobs will surely make your space classier yet traditional at the same time.

Nevertheless, as time pass, more sophisticated high-tech doorknobs will soon replace these glass doorknobs. Although there might still be a demand for mechanical hardware, electrical hardware could be produced faster with the modern technology nowadays. Sooner or later, these glass doorknobs will be in antique stores or in restorations and people would think of it as a predecessor to the current ones they have.

The Basic Facts Of Ultrasound Technology

Falling in love for the first time is a feeling that you can’t really explain. Seeing your one true love for the first time will for sure be a memory you’d want to keep. This too will be the same feeling you’ll get seeing your child for the very first time without them coming out of to this world. With the aid of modern technology, parents now have the privilege of seeing how their kids will look like. They can start saving up images and recorded videos for keeps.

Technology really made a giant leap from the origins of a light bulb to the vastness of medicine. Ultrasound Technology is helping doctors and patients; making it an easy job to not only prolong one’s life, but hopefully being able to shorten the list of fatalities due to sickness.

Aside from the basic black and white readings of an X-Ray, the benefits of an ultrasound gives the attending physicians a more featured and distinct picture of the inner parts of the human body. Yes, ultrasound not only benefits a pregnant woman in finding out what her child will look like, but a number of patients too will have an advantage in undergoing an ultrasound testing.

A series of sound waves will be able to determine if there are any abnormalities inside your body. The results, shall be forward to the attending physician and from there, they can read and determine what course of action they should take.

So there you go, you can have the images of baby captured before they’re born, may it be in a photograph or a video. Fill your hearts with incomparable happiness seeing your baby’s first smile. Have your ailments assessed and cured efficiently and accurately. Truly technology is a way to a more convenient way of living life to the fullest.